Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the debate

When Spring 2006 rolled around, I found myself enjoying my first taste of LA Springtime.  The weather, always great, had a special crispness about it.  Then the girl scout cookies began to roll out.  Who doesn't love this time of year?  As I went to order some, I was looking and asking for the perennial favorite, "Carmel deLites."  However, they were no where to be found.  "Samoas" were what I saw in its place. The box looked the same, I was assured that the cookie was the same and that I just called it a funny name.

I wasn't happy about it because I don't have an affinity for Samoas, I like Carmel deLites.  I chalked it up to the Girl Scouts deciding they they would just change the name.

And then....a package came in the mail.  A care package from my mother-in-law arrived from Wisconsin last week and the Springtime debate for the last six years (the one in my head, I guess) has been settled.  It must be a regional thing.

Please forge the terrible picture, I was too excited for the taste test, I didn't even have time to focus my camera!  

Check it out.  They even look different.  My husband and I did a taste test, naturally, and found that the Samoas are a little more coconut-y and toasted.  While the Carmel deLites have way more carmel.

Now you know.

Carmel deLites or Samoas?  What's your pick?


  1. Holy crap I didn't know Carmel deLites existed?! I was a Samoa girl growing up, but I'd be happy to do a taste test myself : )

  2. Caramel deLites all the way! East coast has the same problem - all you can get is a Samoa. Is Wisconsin the only state with Caramel deLites?? Btw, since we're on the subject I will only pronounce "caramel" as "carmel". People aren't cool with that out here either. ;)

  3. I had no idea that they would look so different! Caramel DeLites all the way!