Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - rainy days

I'm not sure if it's the 100 degree weather in LA or if it's the rain on the east coast, but whatever the reason, I've got rain on the brain.  Particularly rain on a wedding day.  There is an old wives tale that says that rain on your wedding day is an omen of good fortune, which I love.  What I love even more?  A Bride and Groom who make the most of the rain and embrace it wholeheartedly for pictures.

Now, if you have planned to get married outside and rain is in the forecast, then can be bummed and you NEED to plan accordingly.  Think tents.  But, if you have planned to have both the ceremony and the reception inside and rain is in the forecast, then embrace it and plan for some adorable pictures.

Prep by purchasing some colorful wellies for you and your girls.  Invest in some umbrellas in your wedding colors, or better yet one of these clear umbrellas in the perfect shape for a private smooch.

People seem to forget how romantic a walk in the rain with your lover can be.  These lovely couples didn't.  And they've got incredible pictures to prove it.

Image by Meg Perotti 

Image by Anika London

Image by Christian Oth

These next two might be my favorite...just let the rain fall.  Crazy in love with these.  

 Image by Braedon Photography 

Who knows if it will ever rain here in LA but if it does, I will use this as a reminder to GO out into it and play!  

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  1. i really hope rain comes to us here in LA! it's been so so so hot! i like all these photos. i agree that if it ever rains on your wedding day, just embrace it and make the most out of it. :D

    <3, Mimi