Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wedding Wednesday - Just Chic and Me

I'm so excited to share my big news with you!  I have officially joined Just Chic Events as an associate coordinator.  I am over the moon with excitement.  In fact, this past Saturday I had my very first Just Chic Events wedding, where I was the lead coordinator.  It was a huge success and the Bride and Groom were very happy, which makes me happy.  I can't wait to share some pictures with you.  

One year ago, I was helping a friend plan her wedding and simply thinking that I really loved it.  At that point, making it a career was a pipe dream and I thought I would just be the "go-to friend" when loved ones got married.  I flipped my life upside down and decided to go after it.  And now, one year later to the day, I'm a wedding coordinator at one of the most wonderful event planning companies in Los Angeles.  (I'm not biased at all!)  

As if there was any doubt to how legit this is, last week we had a photoshoot to update and add my bio to the website.  AND, I was pleasantly surprised to be given these....

aren't these the coolest business cards you've ever seen? 

I'm so excited and really feel like I've found my perfect fit.  I'm thrilled to be a part of the JCE team and can't wait to take over the event planning world.  I'm incredibly grateful to Paola for putting her trust in me and bringing me onto her team.  

These gorgeous business cards where made by the fabulous Katie at poppyflower press.  I seriously feel so proud every time I hand one out.  

So, if you have a wedding to plan, a birthday to celebrate or any other little thing you want made know who to call!  

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  1. AAAAAAHHHH CONGRATS! How perfect, simply perfect. I can't WAIT to hire you one day : )