Monday, September 27, 2010

i love football

Monday Night Football.  Tonight.  YES!  

 I really love football.  Like a lot.  I'm a spirited fan who likes to cheer loud.  I really feel like I can send mental messages into the universe and the players will receive it.  Things like, "Come on guys, we need an interception."  Then sometimes, they hear me and make it happen.  It's because I'm such a good fan, so they listen to me once in a while.   (I realize that I sound like a crazy person right now)

The other thing is that I know a lot about football.  More than the average woman.  And sometimes I forget that a lot of girls don't like or understand the game.  So, if we ever watch a game together...don't be offended if I don't listen to your story during 3rd down plays...I really have to focus and send messages to the guys so we can go home with the W.  I care about your story (really, I do!), but during the commercials, I'll care about it much more.  On the flip side, there's nothing better than watching the game with fellow fans.  High fives and hugs after big plays.  Some of my favorite memories are watching football with friends.  Tonight will be one of those times.  

I love football.  Can't wait for tonight.  GO PACK GO!  


  1. We need to get together for a game soon!!!

  2. Holy crap...Angie does the same thing!