Monday, March 22, 2010

Nutella Fingers

Have you ever been in this predicament...there is Nutella in the cabinet and you cannot find a thing to dip in it?  Sometimes you just need a vessel to get that Nutella into your mouth, right?   

Today I was desperate.  So I dipped clusters of granola into my Nutella.  It was a stretch.  What I wanted to do though, was make Nutella Fingers. 

Below is the recipe: 

A jar of Nutella
Your finger

Enough said. 

Oh Nutella...I love you so.  You know what I need to do?  Learn how to make Nutella Ice Cream.  Um, hello!!!


  1. I do it with peanut butter. Bad, Katy! But oh so good:)

  2. We had Nutella ice cream at 21 Choices (?) in Pasadena. Yes, you need to learn how to make it. And when you do, please send some to Madison. :)

  3. There's a place on the promenade in Santa Monica called "Angelato" that occasionally has Nutella Gelato that is AMAZING!!!
    xoxo, your fellow nutella lover (Tracy D)