Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First Job

My very first job ever, other than babysitting when I was a kid, was something very special and probably very surprising. 

That's right, I worked at the Renaissance Faire.

I just wish I had a picture of me in "uniform!"  Kind of like this... 

Kidding, this wasn't like me AT ALL!  I was something much more special.   

I worked in the kitchen for the first summer and then graduated to the position of FOOD WENCH the following year.  No Queen of the Faire for me, I cooked and served the likes of calzones, shrimp tempura, pancakes and shepherds pie.  How random, right?!

I'm thinking of my humble beginnings because this evening, I made shepherds pie.  I just wanted to make something homey and in the comfort food category and thought of trying my hand and "cottage pie".  It's in the oven now so we'll see how it turns out. 

Perchance, I will blog more anon. 

By your leave,
Lady Jessi

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